Mental Awareness Training, Taipei(MATT)

provides consulting services based on psychological research facts to facilitate potentials in business and individuals. We believe that a self-awared attitude leads to a full filled life.

Our services include:

MATT ® FitIn
Engaging a dedicated client-trainer relationship by improving communication skills and motivating customers and personnel.

MATT ® Performance
Emphasizing on stress coping and focus training for competitive sports as well as entertainment industries.

MATT ® Wellness
Increasing a healthier life style for groups and individuals with intervening a holistic approach of exercise.

MATT ® Generation
Promoting emotion and confidence management for children with mental skills from elite sports. The training also involves parenting education to build up a healthy environment for families.

MATT ® Language
Facilitating an customized learning system for language learners to understand and assess the progress of learning in order to internalize the language and to maintain a high motivation.

MATT welcomes your inquiry: houyuan@gmail.com

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